Graflex Studio Camera

"…affords the studio artist the opportunity of procuring natural or life-like expressions and poses…" reads the advertisement featuring this, surely one of the most unusual of all Graflexes. Advertised in a c. 1906-1908 Hyatt Supply catalog, the ad copy mentions a "light cone diaphragm" in front of the camera eliminates side reflections A door allows access to it, and possibly diffusion attachments A panel in the side of the camera, opposite the focusing hood, allows placement of a dummy lens for "the sake of deception...and thus obtain a more natural pose..."

It also featured a 12 plate magazine and revolving back. A focal plane shutter with pneumatic retarding device gave speeds from 1/200th to 5 seconds and "B" (ball) This 5x7 (only) camera was mounted on a hydraulically operated stand which used mineral oil.

It could accommodate lenses from 14,' to 7-1/2" focal length.

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