Dear Editors,

Much attention has been given recently to the Combat Graphic (articles by Bill Baker in GHQ Vol. 1 issue 3 and by Jack Freymuller in Camera Shopper, issue 72).

Perhaps it would be of some interest to note a probable prototype for this camera - the Ringside Camera. illustrated in the first edition of Graflex Graphic Photography (1940). Also an early but similar military adaptation was shown in a Navy photographic publication in 1942.

Although both these earlier cameras are different nevertheless both are apparently built on a 4x5 Speed chassis without bellows. I also see a design kinship to the much later XL!

I'd like to point out that although I was a Photographer's Mate in the Navy from 1941 on, I never saw or heard of a Combat Graphic

Richard Paine

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Reprinted by permission. from GHQ.